DJ Mustard Retires from Music to start NBA Career

DJ Mustard’s resume is extensive, featuring collaborations with artists as prominent as Tyga, 2 Chainz, and Chris Brown. He’s even signed to Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation, but his latest career move sidesteps musical fame to embark on a new journey in the NBA. 

Dijon Isaiah McFarlane, known colloquially as DJ Mustard, will be hitting the court later this year to begin his career with the Utah Jazz. 

When asked about this dramatic change, McFarlane explained:

“People think I’m just a DJ, but I’ve been balling since I was 14 years old. Over the years my interest in sports has changed, but one thing has always stayed consistent. That’s my love of basketball. It’s about having fun and making people lose. That’s what it’s all about.”

Last December, McFarlane visited close friend Michael Jordan who taught him the basic rules of the game. Jordan told to Porkspork Staff, “he’s fine I guess, but this is probably a mistake.” Jordan discussed future plans to train McFarlane so that he’s ready for the season, along with McFarlane’s push to rebrand The Jazz as The Trap. 

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