Kendrick Wins Pulitzer for DAMN. As If To Pimp A Butterfly Wasn’t Good Enough???

This past weekend, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for music, Kendrick Lamar– the first artist to be awarded this honor for music outside the realm of classical and jazz. The Prize Board regarded DAMN. as “a virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life.” While Kendrick is undoubtedly incredibly deserving of prestigious recognition, this news seems a contrived offense on the part of The Prize Board.

 We at Porkspork are outraged that Kendrick Lamar is finally receiving the recognition he deserves for his groundbreaking artistry that questions societal and musical norms- DAMN. DAMN. was an amazing album with flawless balancing between fierce energy and subdued pathos with well-handled transitions between emotional spikes; his plot-driven lyrics crafted this beautiful symmetry into a cinematic treasure.

Yet, To Pimp A Butterfly was released three (3) years prior, with startlingly similar approaches and jazz-speckled funk beats that progressed its similarly well-crafted plot. So why did it take this long for Kendrick to be recognized. Kendrick’s second studio album offered the same authentic scrutinization of modern society through criticism of oppression that has leaked steadily into a modern society that alleges equality. 

Seriously, we love DAMN. It’s a truly flawless album. But somehow this award seems overdue. Porkspork understands this historic moment in which the first ever rap album has received such recognition, but we politely disagree with the decision solely on the basis that Kendrick deserved this honor years ago. Porkspork is also not implying that DAMN. is any less worthy, or even a reconstruction of To Pimp A Butterfly, as both serve as musically innovative, masterful, creative enlightenment that highlights race and class divides in modern America. We just think this genius should have been recognized earlier? Like, most people who actually listened to To Pimp A Butterfly realized its actualized brilliance. Porkspork is not calling anyone out in this article, but did The Pulitzer Prize Board actually listen to the album? Or are they doing this to make up for the fact that they had originally overlooked the prime example of inventive accomplishment in music?

Kendrick deserves better.

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