Lil Tay Isn’t Answering Our Communication Requests and Neither Is My Father

A few months ago, Porkspork staff reached out to nine year-old rap legend and internet sensation known as Lil Tay. We simply requested either a virtual interview or a continuation of email correspondence in order to publish an article entitled “What Is Lil Tay Listening to Now?” The same week, I attempted to reach out to my father, with whom I haven’t spoken in years. Much to our surprise, within a week we received a response from Lil Tay’s alleged manager at the time, inquiring about budgeting for the interview (seen below). Unfortunately, my father, yet again, did not respond to my voicemail.

The next morning, I attempted to text my father, hoping that he would be more likely to respond when it didn’t involve immediate conversation. The same day, our team responded promptly to Lil Tay’s management, explaining our requirements and hoping to press forward with our brief interview.  

A few weeks then passed without response from Lil Tay or my father. But soon, one of our staff members heard that Lil Tay switched management. Our team reached out to the suspicious new email featured on Lil Tay’s Instagram and explained that we had previously been in contact with Lil Tay for an interview request. Around the same time, I caught wind that my father was indeed communicating with my much favored brother, Steven. Steven confirmed that my father is, in fact, still able to be reached.

Finally, after over a month of attempting to gain contact with Lil Tay, we received the first email that prompted additional communication. We responded the following day with a list of potential meeting times. Although our staff has yet to hear from Lil Tay and her new management, we are hopeful that she will eventually respond to our requests, just as I am hopeful to hear soon from my father. 

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