Macklemore’s Anti-LGBT Poem

This past weekend at an open-mic slam poetry reading, Macklemore was forcibly removed from the stage and banned from the venue. Allegedly, Macklemore delivered a slam that featured harsh anti-LGBT tones. One audience member claims that Macklemore compared members of the LGBT community to “hoes with daddy issues.”  Macklemore appears to be handling backlash over Twitter in a similar manner as previous incidents.

After Macklemore’s infamous anti-Semitic Twitter meltdown in 2014, following a performance where he dressed as the stereotype of a Jewish man in order to promote his song about saving money- “Thrift Shop.” During a surprise show at the Seattle Music Project, Macklemore donned the offensive apparel, displaying a large fake nose, a black bowl-cut wig, and a fake beard. The blatantly anti-Semitic, stereotype-enforcing nature of the character sparked monumental backlash from critics and fans alike. Macklemore decided to take to Twitter to defer rumors and criticism, often citing previous instances of pro-Jewish relationships and behaviors. Macklemore further defended his innocence, even despite being called out by icon Drake, in a tweet stating “A fake witches nose, wig, and beard = random costume.  Not my idea of a stereotype of anybody.” He also said that he’d only worn the costume because he was “a little worried about being mobbed.” Porkspork took this to mean that he needed a disguise and randomly selected wardrobe items that, when put together, only appeared anti-Semitic

Over the weekend, Macklemore has responded to present opposition by reminding critics that he “has never been anti-LGBT,” and that he “has that song ‘Same Love.'” Many major LGBT rights committees have since spoken out against Macklemore, in criticisms that seem eerily similar to his previous scandal. Most question why he even attempt to do slam poetry, especially knowing his record. But the biggest opposers point out that Macklemore has yet to apologize for his stance on “literally anything at all.” To this, Macklemore responded that he has, in fact, “sucked a dick before,” and others should “be more respectful.”

To others questioning the character of alleged rapper Macklemore, he responded that he has “had a gay friend” and “loves colors so fuck you.” One Twitter user asked if Macklemore was a member of the community, regarding his comments that he has “sucked a dick.” Macklemore simply replied “one time I was called gay cuz i wore shorts, still in the community tho.”

When further questioned about the meaning of these statements, Macklemore responded that he would be leaving his poetry career behind, and that he stands by what he said. . When asked how he plans to move forward following the attacks on his character following the poetry slam, Macklemore responded, “I’ll probably issue an apology in a  few days like last time.”

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