Should Maroon 5 be “Cancelled” Over Adam Levine’s Cannibalism Rant?

Saturday’s iHeartRadio Awards went off mostly without event, with crowd-pleasing performances from holograms of Meat Loaf and Jimi Hendrix being the standout for Porkspork’s editorial board. Something that slipped under the radar for most viewers, however, was an anecdote Adam Levine made while accepting the award for “Band that Made Music this Year.” After thanking God, Lenny Kravitz, and his uncle, Levine had this to say: 

“Yeah haha so like, anyways uhh thanks for this award guys! Our band um, Maroon 5 worked hard for this one! Haha! But like uh I think it’s important that celebrities use their platforms, you know? Haha. So I just wanted to take this opportunity to uh let you guys know that there’s not actually like, any law that, like, uhh, prohibits cannibalism, uh, in America. Haha! So like, if there’s anything that comes out that says I, you know, ate someone, just know that I didn’t, like, technically commit any crimes. Anyways, here for the next performance of the night, it’s Lil Xan! 

While many fans on social media have called this statement “problematic,” and “weird,” Levine’s management, when prompted for response, would only confirm that eating human flesh is not, in fact, technically disallowed in the United States. 

Porkspork, as the leading moral voice of the music journalism industry, of course found it absolutely necessary to comment on this situation, but after a lengthy and highly contentious discussion between members of our editorial board, failed to come to a conclusion on the matter. Lars Chadwick, a senior editor, texted our groupchat, “EDITOR GANG 💯💯💯,” that he didn’t see anything wrong with Levine’s cannibalism, since it “adds a layer of complexity to Maroon 5’s art” and “makes them much more interesting.” Tim McDougal, our most senior reporter, offered a different viewpoint, responding “dude wtf he ate somebody.”

Clearly, the jury remains out on the ethics of cannibalism. Maroon 5, in the fallout of Levine’s rant, has added 4 more tour dates to their 6 year, 56 country spanning world tour.

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